Destigmatization: How marginalized groups can achieve greater inclusivity

In our post-Covid age of extreme inequality, dreams of upward mobility are more unrealistic than ever. Many people ask where to turn for new sources of hope. Agents of change and the non-profit sector are promoting new narratives of diversity, sustainability, and authenticity that are appealing to younger generations in the US and globally. As such, obsolete American dreams are slowly being displaced. Michèle Lamont is both a Professor of Sociology and African and of African American Studies and the Robert I. Goldman Professor of European Studies at Harvard University. As a cultural and comparative sociologist, Michèle has worked on a dozen books as well as edited volumes and over one hundred articles and chapters on topics including culture and inequality, racism, and social change. At Falling Walls, Michèle will explain how destigmatization happens on a societal level and how particular strategies may help marginalized groups to achieve greater inclusivity. At the same time, she asks all of us to broaden our conception of how inclusion is created and to participate in making spaces for more inclusion.

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