CSSI is a multidisciplinary community intersecting big data with new computational techniques.

CSSI research helps uncover fundamental principles underlying the success and/or failure of innovation through the use of AI and large datasets. This research is impacting our understanding of global innovation in a way that will foster even more world changing ideas across the globe. With a better understanding of what drives successful science and innovation, we can apply these learnings to address some of business and society’s greatest challenges. What if we had quantitative evidence that revealed the conditions needed for scientific discovery or innovation? Impactful careers? Successful teams? Optimal human+machine partnerships? These are the questions at the center of the “science of science,” and among those being investigated at CSSI. An example is a recent study led by Wang, who analyzed large datasets across the distinct disciplines of science, start-ups and security. The study revealed that failing fast isn’t just prescriptive, it is in fact predictive of future success.

Tags: Science of Science, AI, Innovation

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