EAFIT Children’s University is an informal education and Science Engagement program that was designed to bring academia and research closer to other audiences and to encourage curiosity, create active learning experiences, promote intellectual enjoyment, and foster critical thinking in children.

The program proposes to deal with scientific concepts in an accessible way without sacrificing scientific rigor. Because of that, the methodology of the program is based on asking questions, discussing a problem, experimenting, and playing. In each workshop, a suggestive question is posed that is related to one or several knowledge areas; then, children participate in different activities that involve the use of their minds and bodies to solve the question and thereby awaken their curiosity and interest.

Invited experts and workshop assistants guide participants through the activities and facilitate the dialogue and interaction between participants and the knowledge area expert.

Laura Jaramillo studied political science and is currently working on her master’s in Project Management. She has been part of EAFIT Children’s University since 2021 and at present, Laura Jaramillo works as a professional in evaluation and systematization. She is passionate about education, sustainability, and gender equity. Besides, she has been involved in research on active learning and Science Engagement, as well as in projects to measure the impact of those topics on children, youth, teachers, and university professors in Medellín-Colombia.

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