Challenge-Based Learning: The project inspires young people to step out of classroom and explore their purpose in the world.

Wandering Challenge designs for 3 students to form a team, challenge themselves to complete 30 missions within 3 weeks. The challenge encourages them to step out of school, make the city their classroom and create meaningful learning and growth through interactions with the real world. The missions are categorized into 4 dimensions: Self-awareness, Adventure & challenge, Connection rebuilding and Social participation. These missions encourage them to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves emotionally and mentally, ask themselves soul-searching questions, and listen to marginalized groups to comprehend the needs in the society.

Students come to opening ceremony for team-building first, then they take the mission booklet to embark on a 3-week journey of exploration, and at the end they come to closing ceremony for guided reflection activities. Through the challenge, young people develop a sense of purpose and responsibility to make the world better.

Tags: Experiential Education, Purpose, Self Exploration, Step out of Comfort Zone, Wandering Challenge, Challenge-Based Learning

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