Cao Thang Dinh: Breaking the Wall of Decarbonisation – Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

Carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion technology holds promise for mitigating climate change by transforming CO2 emissions into useful products. However, several challenges hinder its widespread adoption, particularly its low energy efficiency. One major issue is the high energy input required for CO2 conversion processes. Converting CO2 into valuable compounds often demands a significant amount of energy, typically derived from fossil fuels, which can paradoxically lead to more CO2 emissions.

Dr. Cao Thang Dinh, an assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University, is renowned for his research in developing innovative electrochemical processes for renewable fuel and chemical production.

At Falling Walls, Dinh will explore how his pioneering approach to CO2 conversion eliminates the need for CO2 isolation by integrating the capture and conversion processes, making it more energy-efficient and significantly improving the overall efficiency of CO2 conversion to useful products like fuels.

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