Our project is based on a 2000yrs Kaitiakitanga (active protectors, stewards, caretakers, and conservers) plan for Warawara forest. In this forest are ancient tree’s such as Kauri, local botanists suggest that these tree’s may have lived up to 2000yrs, so our virtual reality project is observing the forest over this time from a Kauri trees perspective. From pre-human contact to what exists today, and the damage that colonisation has had on the land, and the state of the forest today. This project is designed to connect youth to the environment though digital platforms, part of this process will be the students visiting the forest to experience it. We are challenging the youth, tasked as Kaitiaki of the future, what can they do to look after it, for future generations?

Tags: Cultural Memory, Digitalisation, Diversity, Education, Environment & Nature Resilience, Science Communication, Space & the Universe, Trust in science, VR, Informal Education

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