The nominating institution GEOMAR on the breakthrough:

Dr. Micallef’s work highlights the important role that offshore groundwater systems play for the geological and biological processes at the seafloor. The work in MARCAN quickly documented the abundance of freshwater below the seafloor. Recent estimates suggest that there is as much as one hundred years of human consumption of freshwater, mostly in coastal areas where water demand is high.


Tags: Engineering, Environment & Nature, Food & Agriculture, Resilience

Aaron Micallef is a senior scientist at GEOMAR, Germany. He graduated with a MSc in geomorphology from the University of Oxford and a PhD in marine geosciences from the National Oceanography Centre. Aaron has previously worked at the Universities of Malta and Barcelona. He is currently holder of an ERC Starting Grant and former holder of Marie Curie Career Integration and Intra-European Fellowships, and a Fulbright Scholarship. Aaron has participated in >25 oceanographic expeditions around the world.

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