The nominating institution Leibniz University Hannover on the breakthrough:

Our digital world requires new learnings like digital literacy and cross-linked cooperation for both academic courses and professional workshops. Enhanced by a COVID-19 driven higher technical readiness and openness, C Blended Learning was created combining self-study and interactive online sessions. Facing a mutual perception with up to 150 participants reduced to speech and mimic, we used the concept for our academic courses and workshops, which we performed elaborating a digital masterplan for the federal government. Breaking the Wall of boring and anonymous Online Sessions, we spiced them up by live voting, avatars, break-out rooms, quizzes and virtual get-togethers. The majority of the participants stated to be more focused, motivated and efficient than in usual face-to-face events.

Tags: Covid-19, Digitalisation, Education, Engineering, Digital Transformation, Learn smart, VR, Ed Tech, Learner centered

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