Tinkering is known as methodology for its accessibily to science. With this project we reach out to the families of the community who live in the underpriviliged areas of Curaçao. With small and simple activities that can be executed with the garbage of the foodbank bags the family is challenged to make something. Together with the national tv and radio stations we were able to reach more than 30 percent of all citizens of the island.

Meie van Laar (F) is the Head of the learning and research department of NEMO Science Museum since 2018. Meie is as an very experienced educational developer and project manager. She is very experienced on the theme of gender, STEM, inquiry-based learning, the methodology of tinkering and making science education accessible to teachers. In 2020 she moved to the Island of Curaçao and set up a new Science program. She holds a master of Science (Biology) as well as a master of Science teaching.

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