Even though we are on a planet with more than seventy percent of its surface covered by seawater and a large proportion of its population living along the coastlines of the world’s oceans, we know more about the dark side of the moon than we do about the depths of the ocean. This is in contrast to the huge opportunities and severe risks coming from the sea: untapped energy and mineral resources at and below the ocean floor, bioactive substances coming from bacteria and other organisms that are precious for new forms of medication, ocean acidification threatening micro-organisms, corals and the large fishes that are already suffering from overfishing and natural hazards such as tsunamis.
Peter Herzig is a pioneer between marine science and economics, who has received the prestigious Leibniz Prize of the German Research Foundation for his research on gold-rich seafloor mineral deposits and their application to industries. At Falling Walls, Peter Herzig will make us part of the fascinating research vessel expeditions across all oceans that he leads as the Chief Scientist.