Presented by: Marius Rosenberg

Adhesys Medical has developed a new technology which can seal internal and external wounds. We have developed the only known product capable of both functioning as a hemostat and as a sealant inside the body. To be used by surgeons, it seals wounds and stops bleeding within seconds. As it is hydrophilic, it can be used in a wet environment and seals wounds even faster. The adhesive is fully synthetic, non-toxic, biocompatible, biodegradable, strong, flexible and fast curing. Moreover, it can be stored at room temperature and comes ready-to-use. There is no risk of infection and the costs are low compared to competitive offerings. Existing surgical glues are either fibrin-based glue or synthetic sealants. Fibrin is a protein extracted from human blood. It can cause severe complications and needs to be stored below room temperature. While existing synthetic sealants do not face this particular issue, they are by and large not biodegradable in the human body or do not have the required adhesive strength.

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