DreamSpace Academy is a Community Innovation Centre which was created to tackle authentic socio-economic and environmental challenges using Project Based Learning (PBL). Our mission is to empower creative minds through Maker Education, to create innovative solutions using Open Innovation, and ultimately leading them to become successful social entrepreneurs.

It is essential that an organisation has a connection to the community which it creates solutions for, otherwise the solutions are not sustainable because the initiative is missing commitment and knowledge of the community. In our city and region there are several social issues that need to be solved, but yet most of the solutions are in efficient due to a lack of community knowledge and participation.

DreamSpace Academy is designed to provide Maker Education Workshops and provides a space to engage in prototyping, research and development, one to one coaching etc. The Space and the DreamSpace team are supporting the Youth and Children in diverse ways: from empathising to testing, at the age of 6 onward. DreamSpace Academy offers an electronic workspace, mechanical workspace and a co-working space for them to work on their projects. And again, DreamSpace Academy is not a MakerSpace, it’s a community innovation centre that works on real community issues translating them into solutions through science and engineering engagement.

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