Wiping out a widespread disease is a notoriously difficult challenge on a global scale and malaria is one of the oldest and deadliest diseases to affect humanity. Malaria exacts a huge toll on human health and imposes a heavy social and economic burden, particularly on countries in sub-Saharan African and South Asian countries. Whilst a plethora of new technologies have helped to shed light on the complexities of the parasite, our approach to vaccine design has remained fairly rudimentary. Faith Osier is a Professor of Malaria Immunology and Group Leader at the Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany and at the KEMRI–Wellcome Trust Research Programme in Kenya. Faith’s focus on understanding how people develop a natural immunity to malaria and her research into these mechanisms have won international recognition and several prestigious awards. At Falling Walls, Faith will talk about her findings on the necessary conditions for our bodies to overcome the complexities posed by the disease. She will share insights into her team’s tireless efforts towards making the scientific breakthroughs that will eradicate malaria through better vaccination.

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