There are only twenty-three vaccine preventable diseases today despite hundreds of pathogens which could be vaccine targets and decades of work. Vaccines are very difficult, expensive, and time- consuming to create, develop and distribute. Since Vaxxilon has expertise in carbohydrate chemistry, polysaccharide conjugate vaccines (PCVs) which typically target bacterial pathogens with carbohydrates on their cell surfaces are Vaxxilon’s primary focus. Today’s PCVs are comprised of large heterogeneous antigens made from these carbohydrates which are isolated from the bacteria themselves. They are conjugated to a protein and combined with an immune stimulator (adjuvant). Vaxxilon’s innovation is to recreate synthetically small sections of the carbohydrates and to replace the protein/adjuvant with a non-peptide immune stimulator to create fully synthetic vaccines.

Vaxxilon vaccines’ main differentiating factors are (i) more efficient R&D processes/syntheses plus (ii) reduction/elimination of carrier proteins. Antigens will be created in a lab under strict control resulting in a homogeneous product that can be tested more quickly to create new vaccines because the antigens will be homogeneous and faster to produce. Fully synthetic vaccines will replace the protein in existing conjugate vaccines, potentially eliminating cold chain distribution and boosters.

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