Lenovo’s VR Classroom 2 takes teaching with virtual reality to a new level, whether classes are online or in person. It gives schools the ability to easily control the content on a series of headsets from anywhere, whether students are immersed in chemistry lessons, exploring career options, or sharing 360 content the students created themselves. Teachers can keep remote classes in sync by launching the headsets simultaneously, or students can explore on their own. The metaphor I use for this that the teacher can be like a conductor, fluidly bringing forth a symphony of experience and having various people work together in harmony.

Tags: Learn smart, VR, Ed Tech

Brian Moynihan MBA | MSIS | MA is a Global Education Solutions Manager for Lenovo leading the VR Classroom solution. He is a strong advocate of Augmented and Virtual Reality to raise the bar for educational insight and mastery in K12, Higher Education, and in other settings. He founded AR/VR-related groups at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for faculty, for students, and for everyone. He is a member of the Immersive Learning Research Network’s Industry Advisory Board.

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