Presented by: Dana Kralisch

JeNaCell produces pads made of nanocellulose for the after-treatment of dermal injuries and for dermatological treatments. These pads are completely sterile, have a unique high water level and offer a constant cooling. Based on biotechnologically derived cellulose, the pads are skin-friendly and soft, can be peeled off without pain and create a favourable healing microclimate on the wound.

JeNaCell’s innovation is the manufacturing of the pads from biotechnologically derived nanostructures cellulose (BNC) in high quality and in large numbers as well as in various sizes, shapes and degrees of thickness. The (semi-) transparent coating of the pads allows for a close observation of the healing process without the need to remove the pad, thus fastening the healing process and reducing the risk of infection and scarring.

The use of JeNaCell’s pads in dermatologic care allows to improve the healing processes for patients whose lives are enormously restricted due to skin diseases or chronic wounds and enhances their overall wellbeing by constantly cooling their skin with completely sterile pads while they are remain mobile and capable of continuing their daily life.

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