Treating cancer with bacteria

Presented by: Simon Ittig

A robotic system for automated inventory management, a high-resolution 3D printer, a waterless body bath, a blood testing platform for prostate cancer, a project for breeding insects and a sensor for fresh food: What do these inventions have in common? For once, they are just a few of the fascinating ideas and technologies presented by the participants of Falling Walls Venture this year. One day ahead of the Falling Walls Conference, 23 start-ups from all over the world came together in the British embassy in Berlin to present their business in a fast-paced pitch event. Every participant was nominated by a leading research institution and had just five minutes to present their idea in front of both the audience and a distinguished jury. With start-ups coming from Japan, Mexico, India, Canada, the US, Germany and Austria, amongst others, this year’s Falling Walls Venture proved to be once again a highly international and diverse competition.

With plenty of time for networking in between – and lots of coffee and snacks to keep the minds sharp – the young entrepreneurs had to explain on stage why their business model is both novel and viable – and why it deserves to be named Falling Walls Science Start-up of the Year 2018.

In the end, the winner came from Switzerland: T3 Pharmaceuticals received the most votes by the jury for their innovative cancer treatment therapy involving the use of live bacteria. It has the capacity to grow specifically in solid tumors, thus helping to treat cancer patients more efficiently. “This novel delivery system of bacteria to treat cancer patients really impressed us”, said Dr. Stefan von Holtzbrinck, CEO of the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group and chairman of the Falling Walls Venture Jury.

The Swiss winners from T3 Pharmaceuticals will have the chance to present their business again on the grand stage of Falling Walls on Friday. Congratulations! But of course, we would also like to thank all the other participants and guest of this year’s Falling Walls Venture for their presentation and breakthrough ideas. It has been an absolute pleasure and we’re looking forward to see you again soon.

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