The nominating institution University of Helsinki on the breakthrough:

Ovaskainen and Abrego have developed a Hierarchical Modelling of Species Communities (HMSC) framework, which revolutionizes how data on ecological communities is analysed and interpreted. HMSC allows data integration on species abundances, environmental covariates, species traits, phylogenetic relationships, and the spatio-temporal context. 

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Environment & Nature


Nerea Abrego, Otso Ovaskainen

Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Research Centre for Ecological Change

Otso Ovaskainen is professor of mathematical ecology at the University of Helsinki. After obtaining his PhD in mathematics, he conducted research in mathematical, statistical and empirical ecology, with focus on metapopulation ecology, movement ecology, population genetics, molecular species identification and community ecology. Nerea Abrego is a researcher at the University of Helsinki. Following her PhD in fungal ecology, she expanded her research to general community ecology.