The nominating institution Worcester Polytechnic Institute on the project:

The concert series pairs scientists with artists (composers, performers, dancers) around a central theme. The artists work with the scientists to develop musical works that reflect, represent, comment on, or are otherwise inspired by the research and concepts of the scientific theme. During a concert, these works and the scientific research that inspired them are presented in pairs. The varied perspectives on shared ideas show science and art, and the connection between them, in new light.

Tags: Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Tech, Circular Economy. Citizen Science, Climate change, Covid-19, Cultural Memory, Digital Health, Digitalisation, Discrimination, Diversity, Education, Energy, Engineering, Environment & Nature, Food & Agriculture, Foresight;Future /green cities, Future of Banking, Gender, Global Cooperation, Green Tech, Hydrogen, Med-Tech, Mobile Health, Mobility & Transportation, New Work, Ocean pollution, Open Access, Quantum Technologies, Renewable energies, Resilience, Robotic, Science Communication, Science Diplomacy, Science Policy, Social Cohesion, Space & the Universe, Trust in science

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