Using visual and performing arts to build Creativity, Confidence, and Voice in disadvantaged children

Slam Out Loud is a non-profit that uses the power of visual and performing arts (like theatre, storytelling, spoken word poetry) to build creative confidence skills like communication, critical thinking, and empathy and awareness on social issues in children from disadvantaged communities. Our in-person programs that place artists in classrooms and enable teachers to bring artistic opportunities to their classrooms reach out to 50000 children in India.

Our response to COVID, which is now our biggest project, Arts For All is:

-Leverages the power of art and low tech mediums like WhatsApp and IVRS

-Delivers socio-emotional learning and mental well-being support to vulnerable children at scale

-Offers free of cost, multilingual, need-sensitive and fun at-home audio, video, text and physical resources for learners who have limited internet access

-Currently reaches 4.7 million children, across 23 Indian States and 19 countries

Tags: Art Education, Arts For All, Visual and Performing Arts.

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