Anupama Kundoo: Breaking the Wall to Humane Architecture – Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

India faces several unsustainable practices in its architecture and urban development, including rapid urban sprawl, water scarcity, energy inefficiency, lack of green spaces, challenges in historical preservation, informal settlements, and inadequate disaster resilience. These issues result in environmental degradation, lack of basic amenities for many citizens, and vulnerability to natural disasters. Anupama Kundoo, currently a Professor at Potsdam School of Architecture, is acclaimed for her research-driven architectural practice that emphasizes people-centric design and urban strategies, challenging traditional construction norms and advocating for resourcefulness. At Falling Walls, Kundoo will explore her advancements in establishing sustainable architecture within the Auroville settlement in Tamil Nadu. Additionally, she will discuss her research on materials and craftsmanship, highlighting the potential of locally crafted products to be reimagined as integral elements of architectural innovation.

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