Amina Helmi: Breaking the Wall to Mapping the Milky Way – Falling Walls Science Summit 2023

For most of human history, the vast expanse of space beyond Earth has remained a mystery, theorised by philosophers and scientists. We’ve progressed from telescopes that could observe celestial objects in the 17th century to advancements like the Hubble Space Telescope, which has enabled us to study galaxies in unprecedented detail. Amina Helmi, Professor of Dynamics and Formation of the Milky Way at the University of Groningen, is a pioneering figure in the field of Galactic Archaeology, renowned for her discovery of merged galaxy debris using ESA’s Gaia mission and her influential contributions to understanding dark matter.

At Falling Walls, Helmi will captivate the audience with her latest breakthrough at Gaia—an intricate three-dimensional map of our galaxy, accomplished through the survey of nearly two billion celestial objects.

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