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Content 2023

Explore in-depth insights into the Science Summit and discover the distinguished talks of our esteemed guests.

Missed the opportunity to attend the 2023 Science Summit in person? Delve into our curated collection of videos below. From insightful round table discussions addressing climate and the future, to captivating presentations by our breakthrough winners exploring realms from AI to quantum magnets, uncover an expansive world of scientific exploration.


Science Summit 2023

The Science Summit stands as a distinguished three-day event in Berlin, bringing together some of the foremost intellects globally. Explore our collection of videos featuring esteemed speakers addressing topics ranging from climate change to fusion energy.

Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2023

Falling Walls Breakthrough Day commemorates the fall of the Berlin Wall, gathering a select assembly of global experts spanning diverse academic fields to share some of the most significant research breakthroughs of the year.

Winner Interviews 2023

Chosen from a spectrum of disciplines, notable scientists have been selected to showcase their research at the Falling Walls Science Summit. Explore articles where they articulate, in their own words, the remarkable achievements they have attained.

Take a look at our past events and catch a glimpse of what lies ahead for the Science Summit in 2024


Content 2022

Reflect on the highlights of the 2022 Science Summit as we delve into its pivotal moments and groundbreaking insights.

The dynamic discussions of the 2022 Science Summit had topics that spanned from food security to the empowerment of refugees through digital livelihoods. Delve into captivating talks by our esteemed keynote speakers, and witness firsthand how our past predictions have shaped the landscape of today’s world.


Science Summit 2022

Throughout the three enriching days of the 2022 Science Summit, our speakers addressed pivotal global events, including the conflict in Ukraine. They explored strategies for reigniting scientific endeavors in the region following Russian aggression. Simultaneously, the urgent issue of global warming captured widespread attention, prompting insightful discussions on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration to break down barriers toward achieving holistic sustainability. Dive into the highlights of these discussions through the engaging videos below.

Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2022

How do we as scientists and collaborators create a safer and more equitable world for the future inhabitants of our planet? Our speakers delved into these pressing issues through captivating keynotes, addressing topics such as the eradication of plastic waste, the pursuit of environmental justice, and the imperative of civic evidence concerning environmental harms. Meanwhile, other speakers offered compelling insights into the future, exploring the realms of scalable quantum computing and precision measurement. Explore these important discussions in the videos below.

Breakthrough Conversations 2022

Celebrate the brilliance of scientists handpicked from various fields, showcasing their groundbreaking work at the Falling Walls Science Summit through topics from biodegradation to the treatment of genetic diseases.

Falling Walls catgeories

Embark on a journey through a vast spectrum of disciplines, delving into the wonders of science from every imaginable angle.

At the Science Summit, we shine a spotlight on a rich tapestry of sciences, encompassing Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities, Art and Science, and Science and Innovation Management. These diverse topics collectively shape our world, and it is through interdisciplinary meetings and discussions that we advance together towards progress. Explore videos from each facet of science below.


Life Sciences

Life sciences encompass the scientific study of living organisms and their interactions with their environments. At the Science Summit, we had the privilege of hearing from distinguished speakers like Chuan He, whose riveting talk, “Breaking the Wall to a New Green Revolution,” delved into the pressing issue of crop scarcity exacerbated by climate change. Additionally, brilliant minds like Benjamin List shared insights in his talk, “Breaking the Wall to Organocatalysis,” where he discussed advancements in chemical synthesis and their implications for addressing environmental pollution.

Physical Sciences

The physical sciences encompass a diverse range of scientific fields dedicated to unraveling the fundamental principles that govern the natural world, especially in non-living systems. Within this realm, we were fortunate to learn from esteemed scientists like Tammy Ma, who captivated the audience with her talk “Breaking the Wall to Limitless Energy,” shedding light on the promise of nuclear fusion and sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, Libor Šmejkal delved into the intriguing realm of quantum magnets, particularly altermagnets, in his talk “Breaking the Wall to Quantum Magnets.” Explore these fascinating presentations and more from brilliant scientists in the videos below.

Egineering & Technology

Engineering and technology stand as endlessly captivating disciplines, marked by constant innovation that swiftly transforms our world each year. Peer into the future through Marco Hutter’s enlightening talk, “Breaking the Wall to Intelligent Mobile Robots,” where we envision the profound impact of AI-driven robotics on the trajectory of humanity and our sustainability. Then, brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as we delve into the video exploring how organizations and scholarship are ensuring accountability in the realm of AI.


Social sciences and humanities serve as the fundamental framework through which we navigate relationships and interactions both in our lives and on our planet. At the Science Summit, these speakers enrich our understanding by presenting visions of a world characterized by equity and inclusivity. Take, for instance, Pumla Gqola and her stirring speech, “Breaking the Wall to the Female Fear Factory,” which prompts us to examine the structures perpetuating violence against women. Similarly, Anupama Kundoo offers profound insights in her talk, “Breaking the Wall to Humane Architecture,” providing a deep dive into the construction of our cities and the well-being of their inhabitants.


In the realm of science, the profound relationship between art and our interpretation of the world often goes unnoticed. At the Science Summit, we had the privilege of exploring this connection through enlightening speeches that delved into its depths. Elaine Chew, for instance, takes us on a captivating journey exploring the intersection of music and medical treatments in her talk, “Breaking the Wall to Musical Medicine” – an opportunity not to be missed. Discover more about the unique bond between art and science in the videos below.


The talks within the science and innovation management category at the Science Summit offered invaluable insights, ranging from advancements in AI to fostering gender equality in innovation. Explore Robert Kaczmarczyk’s illuminating talk, “Breaking the Wall to Democratised AI,” which sheds light on democratising access to artificial intelligence. Then, immerse yourself in a video showcasing how harnessing the expertise of an AI researcher can amplify scientific knowledge. Dive into these discussions and expand your understanding of the dynamic field of science and innovation management.


At the Science Summit, we believe in providing everyone with a platform to share their discoveries. Each year, at Falling Walls Lab, we offer the stage to emerging talents who have the opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking work to the world. From innovative cancer treatments to fascinating mushroom bioconversion projects, these videos featuring our up-and-coming speakers provide a glimpse into the future of science and innovation.


Falling Walls Venture represents the intersection of science and business, taking place on the first day of the Science Summit. This event showcases a variety of start-ups boasting compelling scientific breakthroughs. From sustainable alternatives to plastics to early cancer detection technologies, these videos are not to be missed.


Falling Walls Engage serves as a global hub for science engagement, spotlighting inspiring individuals from around the world. Held on the first day of the Science Summit, Engage showcases the work of dedicated science advocates. Explore videos featuring initiatives such as Smart Israel, which promotes STEM education for women, and Educational Toolkit, breaking down barriers for marginalized communities and advancing science in Puerto Rico.


Falling Walls Circle’s goal is to unite leaders and visionaries to shape the current research landscape and influence the global science agenda. Taking place on the second day of the Science Summit, Circle convenes leaders from research, business, policymaking, and media in Berlin. Together, they engage in dynamic discussions, seeking solutions to today’s most urgent challenges in science and society while co-creating innovative ideas for future advancements. Explore riveting discussions on unraveling the mysteries of the cell and implementing best practices for aging societies.

Female Science Talents

Falling Walls Female Science Talents acts as a global platform dedicated to promoting inclusive excellence in science. By empowering alumnae of Falling Walls and other talented young women in the field, the platform champions gender equality in leadership roles. Annually, Falling Walls Female Science Talents hosts a congress that brings together exceptional women in science and industry, fostering collaboration and sharing insights to break down barriers to gender parity in leadership. Explore engaging roundtable discussions and insightful panels below.