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The Falling Walls Circle Day on 8 November connects global leaders in research, business, policymaking, and media who will get together in Berlin, to discuss strategy and solutions for today’s most pressing issues in science and society, and co-develop new ideas for future developments. Falling Walls Circle consists of several sub formats, and is co-developed and co-hosted with renowned partner institutions from all around the world.


Falling Walls Circle – Plenary Table

The center piece of the Falling Walls Circle on 8 November are the Plenary Tables, where global challenges are debated publicly, in a series of moderated panel discussions. We invite leading international experts to share their perspectives on how science can be employed to better benefit humanity and the world around us. To further extend the discourse to the audience, we invite participants at the venue to contribute their questions. Together, we set new topics on the international scientific agenda. During the summit the discussion can be followed free of charge via live stream and will later on be available in the content library.

Falling Walls Circle – Round Table

Round Tables are a more flexible arrangement that allow for a combination of presentation, interview and open discussion. The topics can range from broader issues in science and society to very specific aspects of scientific developments, which are addressed by international experts of the respective fields. In many cases, the audience at our venue in Berlin will be encouraged to participate in the discussion. Most Round Tables will be accessible free of charge via livestream.

Falling Walls Circle – Executive Table

Executive Tables are invitation-based, closed background discussions that review the current state of specific challenges, to identify directives for future developments. All participants actively shape the event by sharing from their field of expertise. The Chatham House Rule encourages an honest, and confidential open discussion, where disruptive thinking is welcomed.

Falling Walls Circle – Symposium

Each Symposium offers a deeper insight into the current scientific development, in one of the categories of our global call for nominations. This format connects the scientists behind those breakthroughs with an invited audience consisting of established and next generation researchers and additional selected guests from the Falling Walls Science Summit. In the Symposia, we identify the Science Breakthroughs of the year. Most of the symposia will be live-streamed and publicly available.

Falling Walls Circle – Meetups

Meetups are invitation based, closed networking events bringing together global science leaders, rising stars and early-career professionals. All participants are actively involved by sharing their ideas and expertise.


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