Berlin – City of Sciencepreneurs

Why is Berlin the place to be for Sciencepreneurs?

Berlin’s status as a top city for deep tech startups is grounded in its well-established ecosystem, substantial funding, a rich talent pool, supportive infrastructure, government initiatives, and international connectivity. Such Science-based startups in the fields of health, sustainability and engineering of the future find fertil grounds in Berlin. The statistics collectively underscore why Berlin continues to be a preferred destination for entrepreneurs in the deep tech sector, fostering innovation and driving the future of technology.

Innovative Ecosystem: According to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2020, Berlin ranks as one of the top 10 global ecosystems. The city’s startup scene has experienced substantial growth, with an increasing number of deep tech startups emerging. Berlin strengthens its innovation ecosystem by fostering collaboration between research institutions, startups, and established companies, i.e. with the program Zukunftsorte Berlin. The city supports initiatives that promote the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources within the deep tech sector.

Funding Landscape: Berlin’s deep tech startups benefit from a robust funding landscape. Statistics reveal a significant influx of venture capital, with Berlin consistently attracting substantial investment. According to latest data in 2022, Berlin-based startups raised over 10 billion euros in funding, indicating the strong financial support available for entrepreneurial ventures. The investment branch of Investitionsbank Berlin, IBB Ventures, has a leading role and was no. 3 of the “Top investors of German startups” in 2021.

Investment in Research and Development: Berlin invests in research and development to support the growth of deep tech industries. This includes funding for research projects, collaboration with universities and research institutions, and the establishment of innovation hubs focused on key technological areas. Federal programs such as Exist, which provides funding for technology-based startups, and various research grants contribute to the overall support system.

Incubators and Accelerators: Berlin offers a plethora of co-working spaces and startup incubators tailored to deep tech enterprises. As of 2022, there are 20 programmes specifically dedicated to deep tech in Berlin. These spaces provide not only a physical location for work but also foster collaboration and idea exchange among startups. The city supports the creation of incubators and accelerators dedicated to Science techstartups. These programs provide essential resources such as mentorship, funding, and workspace to help startups develop and scale their innovative technologies.  

Talent Development and Attraction: Berlin attracts skilled professionals from around the globe, fostering a diverse and innovative workforce. The city’s world-class universities and research institutions contribute to a rich talent pool in science, engineering, and technology. Berlin focuses on developing and attracting talent in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The city collaborates with educational institutions to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the skills required for deep tech industries.

International Collaboration and Connectivity: Berlin attracts international deep tech companies and investors. Berlin’s strategic location and excellent transportation infrastructure facilitate global connectivity. The city’s accessibility enhances collaboration opportunities, attracts international investors, and allows startups to expand their reach beyond the German market. By fostering international collaboration and partnerships, the city aims to position itself as a global hub for innovation and technological advancements.

Berlin Sciencepreneurs Night 2022


The “Berlin Sciencepreneurs Night” shines a spotlight on Berlin science startups and aims to strengthen networking among sciencepreneurs as well as with business angels and venture capitalists. To this end, we brought together over 150 local and international investors and sciencepreneurs as well as the scene’s supporters at a networking event in Berlin.

These Berlin startups pitched:

  • Belyntic
  • Noah Therapies GmbH
  • Genetic Junction
  • Cellbricks GmbH
  • aMStart gUG
  • Alganize
  • BuddyApp
  • Frontline
  • elevait GmbH & Co KG

Falling Walls Circle Round Table 2022

Round Tables are a more flexible arrangement that allow for a combination of presentation, interview and open discussion. The topics range from broader issues in science and society to very specific aspects of scientific developments, which are addressed by international experts of the respective fields. In many cases, the audience at our venue in Berlin is encouraged to participate in the discussion.

How can we create an even better supporting ecosystem for sciencepreneurs?

Incubators and accelerators are a great way to support early-stage startups (and often also first time founders) through education programs, matchmaking, mentorship and financing.

With the overwhelming success of programs like Y-Combinator, we saw a surge in programs that are helping founders succeed with their startups. We discussed the impact of the modern accelerator landscape today and talked about the specific challenges for science startups as a target group. We tried answering the question: how can we work together, to create an even better supporting ecosystem for Sciencepreneurs?

The event was co-hosted by our partner Berlin Partner.

The panelists were:

  • Maren Lesche, Vision Health Pioneers
  • Thorsten Lambertus, CDL Berlin
  • Christian Rommel, Bayer
  • Janette Wiget, Merantix
  • Moderator: Bennet Barth, RESPOND

Further Formats 2022

Focussing IP transfer, talent aquisition, RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP and venture capital

On 8 November 2022, the The “Sciencepreneurship Symposium” took place from 2 to 6 PM. Both Background Tables were invitation-based to encourage a confidential and honest discussion. Through the participation of Berlin stakeholders in both formats, we ensure a strong voice from the capital. At the same time, it enables participants to learn from the ideas proposed and discussed for improving the framework conditions for science start-ups, take them up and, if necessary, implement them in their own ecosystem.

SPRIND Sciencepreneurship Symposium


We bring together thought leaders, policy makers, transfer professionals, entrepreneurs and executives to discuss key issues and ideas to accelerate the ecosystem and thus enable more science based start-ups.

Background Tables

Background Tables are invitation-based, closed events bringing together high-profile Global Leaders to discuss current and future developments in regard to specific challenges of scientific relevance. All participants actively shape the event by sharing their ideas, questions and possible solutions. The commitment of the attendees to the Chatham House Rule encourages an honest, and confidential open discussion, where disruptive thinking is welcomed.

How can the lighthouse competition „Entrepreneurship Centers“ be implemented?

We brought together a small group of prominent figures from the fields of innovation policy, business, financing and research. At the beginning of the new legislative period, our aim is to identify and explore in greater depth possible solutions as to how more successful companies can emerge from Germany’s internationally recognised research landscape.

Supported by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, UnternehmerTUM, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Stifterverband.

How is the inner growth of leaders connected to the shift towards a more regenerative economy?

The individual commitment of leaders is an enormous lever for systemic change. However, the prevailing leadership paradigm, which has led humanity to success in various fields, is not prepared to deal with the most pressing challenges of our society and the planet. In this interactive session, we looked into the concept of responsible leadership, how the personal development and inner growth of leaders are connected to the shift towards a more regenerative economy, and what tools and skills are needed on this journey.

Supported by BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

Ongoing Formats

science-based start-ups proving entrepreneurial solutions to solve today’s challenges

Falling Walls invites the Berlin start-up ecosystem to the “Sciencepreneurs Forum” on 7 and 8 November at the Falling Walls Science Summit. The Falling Walls Venture pitches, the associated award ceremony and the Sciencepreneurs Night event take place on 7 November. The next day, leading figures from the fields of entrepreneurship, science, business and politics discuss the framework conditions that science-based start-ups need in order to grow at the “Sciencepreneurship Symposium”, which is organised by the Falling Walls Foundation together with the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation – SPRIND.


Berliner Senate Department for Higher Education & Research, Health, Long-Term Care and Gender Equality

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