Michael M. Resch

Michael M. Resch

Director, High Performance Computing Center and Institute for High Performance Computing, Universität Stuttgart, Germany

BREAKING THE WALL OF REALITY. How Simulations on Supercomputers Accelerate Progress

The scope of application of 21st century supercomputers ranges from climate forecasting and simulating the human brain to designing new drugs or ensuring the safety of nuclear reactors. In between, there are myriad fields in which simulations can provide valuable information to predict reality. Michael Resch collaborates with sociologists and philosophers on the applicability of mathematical methods and computer science to real-world problems, particularly in industrial research and engineering. He is the director of the Institute for High Performance Computing at Universität Stuttgart and leads the university’s High Performance Computing Center (HLRS), which uses “Hermit”, one of Europe’s most powerful civil systems, to support researchers and industry with leading edge supercomputing technology. Resch, who is also a Principal Investigator in SimTech, the national cluster of excellence for simulation technology, focuses on the visualisation of complex data, 3D virtual reality, augmented reality and cloud computing, among many other fields of activity. With more than 20 years of career in high performance computing, during which he earned awards and honorary degrees from organisations like the Russian Academy of Sciences and the NSF, Michael Resch is one of the most recognized experts in the field. At Falling Walls, he offers a unique chance to discover the role of supercomputing in our present and future.