Andrea Rotzler, Stefan von Holtzbrinck, Steven Devlin

Hermann Hauser, Amadeus Capital

Obi Felten, X Foundry

Participants and guests

Jen Koevary presenting Avery Therapeutics

Tom Monroe presenting Vaxxilon at the Falling Walls Conference 2016

The winner of Falling Walls Venture Tom Monroe, Vaxxilon with Stefan von Holtzbrinck

Participants of Falling Walls Venture 2016

Panel Discussion at Falling Walls Venture 2016

Wladimir Klitschko presenting at Falling Walls Venture 2016

Falling Walls Venture 2016

Falling Walls Venture 2016 at the British Embassy

Marius Rosenberg, CEO of Medical Adhesive Revolution, Falling Walls Science Start-up 2015

The jury chaired by Stefan von Holtzbrink is taking a decision..

Jury members Gitte Bedford and Ekkehard Franzke

Ahmed Sallam, Cysal

Stefan Greiner, Newsenselab

Ozge Akbulut from Surgitate on stage

Christian Pawlu, Chrystalline Mirror Solutions

Daniel Schellong, RWTH Aachen

Jury member Monica Dodi in a discussion with participants

Participant Emperra presenting

Hardy Schmitz, member of the jury

Jury member Véronique Hervouet adresses her questions to participants.

Participant Lilium presenting

Veronique Hervouet from Total Energy Ventures speaking to Michel Morvan from The CoSMo Company

Annick Desmecht, A.T. Kearney speaking to Jürgen Mlynek, Helmholtz Association and Ekkehard Franzke, A.T. Kearney

Winner of Falling Walls Venture 2014, Dietrich Wolf from EyeTechCare, France

Stefan von Holtzbrinck, jury chairman during the jury meeting