Presented by
Matthias Farwick

Nominated by
Universität Innsbruck


At Txture, we are at the forefront of one of the biggest changes in the history of IT. The inevitable journey of all IT systems and data to the Cloud. For large organizations this journey is peppered with far reaching technological, organizational and regulatory challenges. At Txture we tackle these challenges with a strong team, a partner network and outstanding and defensible technology that is grounded in years of research at the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Our solution is a software platform that enables large organizations to move their IT systems to the Cloud in a fast, compliant, and cost efficient way. This increases our client’s IT-agility and creates competitive advantage in times where reaction speed to market demand is critical to a company’s success or even survival. Txture’s core technology is our continuously learning Cloud Knowledge Engine. This intelligent database contains data on over 40.000 Cloud services of all major Cloud providers. Equipped with this knowledge, Txture calculates the best transformation scenarios for our clients and becomes more intelligent with every transformation. This makes Txture a neutral Cloud broker for organizations looking to reduce their dependence on Cloud providers, increase their IT agility and speed up their digital transformation.

To complete our offering, we work closely with a global network of leading Cloud consulting companies and system integrators. This package of software automation and expertise enables our clients to exceed their transformation goals and stay ahead of the competition at unprecedented speed.

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