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Oleksandr Savsunenko

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Klitschko Foundation


All genetic testing companies up-to-date use simple algorithms of calculating genes to physical traits connections based on a limited number of SNPs (genetic markers). Example: “If you have certain gene variant you are likely to benefit from XXX diet”. This works only in limited number of cases and doesn’t take into account all amount of known information in the domain.

We are the only one that developed a unique algorithmic approach based on neural networks and fuzzy logic that combines hundreds of research articles, evaluates them and transforms into user-friendly interface and actionable results. We use hundreds of genetic markers, each supported by few studies, weighted and parsed using our algorithm to get maximum known information about personal preferences and genetic data.

Those results answer to basic human questions – “What diet is best for me?”, “What type of sport should I focus on?”, “What are my leading skin aging factors and how I can prevent them” and much more.

  • We have a platform that is expandable into so-called Panels – each panel offering a unique approach to segment of lifestyle and wellness based on genetic data
  • We support genetic data of all kinds and coming from a range of sources. Up-to-date we’ve implemented 23andMe API (major US genotyping company – 1m users), MoU and contract signed with major Russian, Chinese companies as well as with newcomers (Helix, Genos) offering full genome sequencing.


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