Presented by
Dmitry Gorin

Nominated by
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology


TetraQuant produces high-throughput bioanalytical platforms for early stage diagnosis and monitoring of patient’s health during and after medical treatment. Development and creation of effective and affordable sensor systems for early and accurate detection of disease markers, especially cancer, are of paramount importance both for practical applications in medical diagnostics and for an understanding of the fundamental interactions at the molecular level. Small vesicles called exosomes present in all biological fluids (e.g. blood, saliva) were discovered to contain cell-signatures that can be used as markers of patient’s current health. Our product is a novel platform that is based on isolation and quantification of exosomes in microfluidic chip with nanofibrous substrates or core-shell particles containing high density nanoparticles and specific vectors (antibodies, DARPins, aptamers) by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS).

The company has engineered and tested a platform that allows capturing and quantifying exosomes containing signatures of ovarian cancer at low limit of detection (LOD). This proof-of-concept will allow expanding application of the TetraQuant technology. The end-goal is to create devices based on this platform that can detect exosome markers of different cancer types, neurodegenerative diseases, viral infections and other diseases in a short time with minimal sample volume at the point-of-care (POC).

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