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Harri Hallila

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Evonik Venture Capital


For patients with deformed limbs (typically one leg shorter than other), the most widely used treatment for limb lengthening remains external fixation, a procedure based on principles pioneered by a Russian surgeon over six decades ago. While the treatment itself is comparatively cheap, the external device, which must be worn for many months and pierces the patient’s skin is extremely cumbersome, uncomfortable, and complication prone.

We have used our engineering competencies in the management of smart materials and wireless electronics to create a true disruptive change in treating the above-mentioned patient group. Our first product will be a complete leg lengthening solution. The SYNOSTE Nitinail is a 3rd generation wireless implantable device that offers greater patient safety, lengthening control, and convenience; this results in a better patient and cost outcomes. The implantable SYNOSTE Nitinail guarantees patients safer treatment, less infections, and less pain.

Newer techniques that use implantable intramedullary nails are becoming increasingly popular and represents today 30% market share in western markets. While such procedures offer advantages over external fixators, these 1st and 2nd generation nails also have some limitations – lengthening process is not patient friendly and some nails are prone to break. The SYNOSTE NITINAIL is (1) safer, (2) more reliable, (3) faster and easier to use for patient and the surgeon.

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