Presented by
Peter Ripplinger

Nominated by

eCapital III Cleantech Fonds GmbH & KG


Subitec has developed a new algae production aggregate which significantly reduces operating costs. With the patented photobioreactor of Subitec it is possible to economically produce algae biomass on an industrial scale. Algae biomass has the potential to be one of the feedstocks of the future for many different sectors like nutrition, pharma, feed or chemicals. Traditional biomass like corn or other sorts of grains which is currently used as a substitute for fossil fuels as a resource for these industries need fertile land which could otherwise be used to produce food. With the growing food scarcity in the world algae is a viable alternative that no longer needs fertile land to grow and has a neutral CO2 balance as it is continuously produced from CO2 and sun light via photosynthesis.

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