Presented by

Hanjo Rhee

Nominated by

Technische Universität Berlin


The combination of optics in silicon with chip fabrication processes has been a tremendously successful endeavour since its beginning in the eighties yielding solutions that have not been thought possible before. Following the fabrication of purely photonic circuitry namely the cointegration of ultra-small micro-electronics and photonics on one silicon chip, is a reality as of now and ready for mass production. Sicoya offers these fully integrated transceivers based on Silicon Photonics.

What makes Sicoya unique, is that it has made three disruptive innovations in silicon photonics that will impact the market: low cost, low power consumption & better high-speed performance. Sicoya’s technology platform utilizes 130 nm SiGe-BiCMOS process technology that provides ultra-fast electronics for driver and amplifier circuits that are integrated with the photonic circuits on a single chip. Several competitors are developing integrated photonic transceivers. Due to restrictions of their technology platforms, none of them is able to monolithic integrate photonics together with fast electronics on the same chip. This has been for 15 years the holy grail of silicon photonics.

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