Presented by

Heimo Adamski

Nominated by

The University of Melbourne


Relectrify has developed battery management systems that are a key enabler for giving used batteries a second life. This means for example that used batteries from used electric cars can be repurposed for residential solar storage. The underlying Relectrify technology combines customised electronics layouts with advanced battery control algorithms. The resulting electronic system automatically optimises use of each of the many battery segment in battery packs, taking into account their degradation. This holds the key to unlocking additional storage capacity from stronger segments and maximising the overall system performance.

The technology is the subject of patent applications, both filed and in progress. Advantages of Relectrify technology have been demonstrated on kWh-scale packs based on used laptop batteries and, to a given extent, on hybrid car batteries. External validation of used pack capacities is scheduled to commence mid-August. Relectrify has developed the world’s first plug-and-play electronic solution that instantly unlocks extra performance and lifetime in used battery packs. Second-life packs typically undergo manual testing and removal of individual weak cells within battery packs. This process is expensive and offers reduced lifespan due to weak segments redeveloping in the second life. Relectrify’s solution reduces cost, increases battery lifespan and provides a truly scalable method of second-life battery use.

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