Levana Sani



Nalagenetics Pte Ltd is a medtech company focused on the personalization of dosing and prescription. Our mission is to provide actionable and cost-effective pharmacogenomics (PGx) testing for developing countries, starting with Southeast Asia. Trial-error is the status quo of prescription methods although 48% of them cause the prescription error and 64.7% of adverse drug reactions (ADR) caused are preventable. ADR cause 8-12% of hospital admissions and is the 4th leading cause of death in the US. Although 30-70% of ADR have genetic associations, genetic testing for drug response (PGx testing) in developing countries is not widely adopted because it is too expensive and unproven in local populations. Thus, we develop an affordable and actionable PGx testing backed with clinical decision support to aggregate real-world-evidence data for a better prescription.

Our technology called the NalaTM PGx Suite is an end-to-end PGx testing service, comprises of a clinical-grade genetic test and software solutions. The PGx testing is a 3-5x cheaper clinical-grade genomic assay that consists of curated biomarkers to predict the risk of drug responses. The biomarkers tested on our panel have been selected by our proprietary algorithm considering the most updated guidelines, scientific evidence, and local relevance. Our clinical decision support system helps physicians to choose alternative therapies and calculate dosing based on the patients’ genetic profile. Our patient engagement platform ensures the patient’s personalized prescription delivers impact by facilitating interaction beyond the point of prescription with our Patient Care Manager and Genetic Counselor.

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