Presented by

Martin Hammer

Nominated by
Technische Universität München


The innovative character of INVENOX Li-Ion battery storage systems consists in the patented CONCHIFERA Technology®, a no substance to substance cell clamping method invented by the founders of INVENOX. The technology unites the low assembling effort of bigger prismatic cells with the advantage of energy density and cost per unit of small cylindrical cells. Hereby many 18650 Li-Ion battery cells are clamped between two aluminium circuit boards. This prolongs the lifetime of the battery cells and consequently of bigger units as there is no heat input accelerating the aging in contrast to established welding processes. Both circuit boards are fitted with an elastic and highly conductive contacting material which in use equalize tolerances and vibrations. The contacting material is an additional innovation allowing cooling via the poles for better performance over time while enabling a 100% reversible assembling process for maintenance and recycling at the end of the lifecycle.

The advantages of the CONCHIFERA Technology® are multifaceted. The battery storage systems from INVENOX compared to conventional systems offer higher energy density, more safety and a unique cooling method via the poles with excellent price performance ratio. The 100% reversible assembling process offers further advantages. Older cells can be removed from the battery modules, maintaining high performance over time. Further the cells at the end of their life-cycle are going to be recycled.

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