Robert Brüll


RWTH Aachen University

FibreCoat produces and sells innovative thermoplastic coated glass fibres, which can be processed into composites for lightweight components. Because of their lightweight construction potential, fibre reinforced plastics are increasingly replacing steel or aluminium in industries such as aviation and automotive. Composites never got a substantial share in mass markets due to their high costs. Re-meltable thermoplastic composite materials can realize competitive cycle times, full filament wetting is a key drawback caused by the high viscosity of the polymer, leading to reduced performance. By integrating the complex FRP production chain into a single step, FibreCoat produces a material that has improved mechanical properties at a reduced price, compared to its market peers. Due to high production speeds and a guaranteed high quality, this material represents a disruptive technological leap for the composite market, which will sustainably transform the usage and spread of composites.

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