Presented by

Christian Pawlu

Nominated by
University of Vienna


Crystalline Supermirrors emerged from combining Vienna’s basic quantum and gravitational research with Silicon Valley’s nanofabrication and material science. The material system used for these Supermirrors (monocrystalline GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures) is fundamentally different from the amorphous sputtered coatings that have so far been used for high precision optics. The company now offers three product lines based on the unique, and patented properties of Crystalline Supermirrors, each of which is unrivalled in its specific performance: xtalStable with 10x-100x lower Brownian noise than state oft the art; xtalMIR with unrivalled performance in the mid-IR wavelengths (optical losses <100 ppm) and xtalTherm using the almost 100x higher thermal conductivity of crystalline coatings compared to amorphous coatings.

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