Presented by
Kevin Kin Man Tsia

Nominated by
University of Hong Kong


Conzeb targets to redefine current biomarker screening by our patented ultrafast optical imaging technologies – FACED and multi-ATOM, which can capture up to 100,000 cell images per second. With these technologies, Conzeb offers a unique solution of fully automated instrumentations to analyse unprocessed blood from suspected individuals to screen out more than 40 types of biophysical phenotypes from every cell. Based on liquid biopsy, our tests are non-invasive and about 100 times faster than the current imaging technology – up to 1,000,000,000 blood cells from each patient can be processed and analysed in an hour.


This could allow clinical practitioners to monitor patient’s disease status more frequently – compared to the current practice with a monitoring interval of ~3 months. Conzeb’s extreme imaging and deep data analytics could provide not only the images of millions of cells, but also the biophysical phenotypes retrieved from all cell images, e.g. cell morphology, protein density and distribution. These advanced data related body condition could provide precious advice to doctors in decision-making, continuous and regular assessment of treatment efficacy, which can greatly reduce the current delay between treatment assessment and treatment modification, especially for cancer treatment.

Our technologies could also potentially used for circulating tumour cell detection, drug screening/testing. Conzeb aims to revolutionized the current biomarker screening industry based on single-cell analysis from millions of cells of individuals – providing big-data mining and high quality statistical analysis to all samples.

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