Hidero Niioka

Tohoku University


Cleanhearing is the manufacturer of Sono, an IoT medical device that offers a safe, non-invasive, home based therapy for cure and relief of tinnitus, a distressing condition that affects more than 400 million people worldwide.

Sono is a portable device consisting of specialized headphones and controller operated by a simple touchscreen. It works by applying pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) over the areas of the brain and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) associated with tinnitus disturbance.

PEMF stimulates electrical and chemical cell processes, mimicking the body’s own healing mechanisms to reduce inflammation and improve cellular function. PEMF is established in medical fields such as plastic surgery and oncology and the positive effects on human physiology are well researched, including findings from a four-year NASA study. Cleanhearing applies PEMF technology to the cure of tinnitus and this use is protected by Cleanhearing patents. Studies have shown that Sono technology has a positive effect in eliminating or reducing tinnitus symptoms, typically within two to four months of regular therapy.

Patients apply Sono therapy twice a day for twenty minutes in their home without the inconvenience of doctor’s appointments. Therapy is relaxing with no discomfort.  An optional Bluetooth connection means patients can accompany therapy with music from their smartphone, and patients can also opt to save their therapy data on Cleanhearing cloud to inform their treatment plan. In an underserved market, where many give up hope of a cure, Cleanhearing stands out by offering an effective, pleasant, affordable home therapy and giving patients control of their treatment.

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