William Do

University of Oxford


Albus Health is an Oxford spinout company that develops devices for automated remote symptom monitoring and related algorithms to predict asthma attacks. One of the biggest reasons preventable asthma attack continue to happen is the failure in identifying early warning signs. Of the 1300 people in UK who die because of Asthma every year, about 45% die even before the reach the hospital – that is the extent of late identification. Albus have developed a small non-contact table-top device that can automatically monitor respiratory symptoms every day, for as long as required, without the patients having to do or wear anything. This helps researchers collect continuous, objective and long term symptom evidence in clinical studies. In clinical care, this information goes into algorithms that establish a personalised baseline for each individual, picking up early warning signs of an impending attacks, and enabling patients to prevent attacks up to days before they happen.

The team, consisting of doctors, biomedical engineers and computer scientists, has developed the company’s first commercial product – Albus Home RD – which is being purchased to collect objective evidence in a clinical study by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Albus has secured over £1.2m in funding, including two innovation awards by the UK government and VC investments and will be starting its Series A in Q1 2020.

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