The Falling Walls Venture Pitches were live streamed here on 7 NOV

Congratulation to all Winners and Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2023! Click on the button below the video to see the Joint Award Ceremony of Falling Walls Venture, Lab and Engage.


9 AM Welcome Remarks & Session 1 – Sustainability

1. Neil Morris – Kelpi: Breaking the Wall to a High Water-barrier, Biodegradable Polymer
2. Stephan Herrmann – Reverion: Breaking the Wall to Climate Positive Power
3. Doron Tamir – Luminescent Heat Engine: Breaking the Wall to Zero-emission Electricity from Waste Heat
4. Ricardo Remus – SonocreteBreaking the Wall to Sustainable Concrete
5. Mar Fernandez Mendez – MacroCarbon: Breaking the Wall to Defossilizing the Chemical Industry
6. Francesco Sciortino – Proxima FusionBreaking the Wall to Fusion Energy
7. Dotan Peleg – Projini Agchem: Breaking the Wall of Resistant Weeds with AI-generated Herbicides

11 AM Coffee Break

11.30 AM Session 2 – Engineering of the Future

8. Dennis Michaelis – GEMESYS: Breaking the Wall to Brain-inspired AI Hardware
9. Richard Parsons – Kite Magnetics: Breaking the Wall to Emissions-free Electric Aviation
10. Samuel Cryer – Thermulon: Breaking the Wall to Fire-safe Affordable Insulation Materials
11. Giuseppe Antonacci – Specto Photonics: Breaking the Wall to Mechanobiology
12. Tennin Yan – QunaSys: Breaking the Wall to Material Discovery through Quantum Computing
13. Thomas Hiriart – Ion-X: Breaking the Wall of Space Mobility
14. Christian Freier – Nomad Atomics: Breaking the Wall to Quantum Sensing

1 PM Lunch Break

2 PM Session 3 – Health Solutions

15. Karolina Valente – Voxcell BioInnovation: Breaking the Wall of Drug Testing in Oncology
16. Yogev Debbi – Mana.Bio: Breaking the Wall to Unlocking RNA Delivery through AI
17. Saeid Hosseini – Vilje Bionics: Breaking the Wall to Assistive Technology with Robotic Exoskeletons
18. Marina Simian – ONCOLIQ: Breaking the Wall to Early Cancer Detection
19. Robert Macsics – smartbax: Breaking the Wall of Antimicrobial Resistance
20. Noam Hassidov – Tamar Robotics: Breaking the Wall to Robotic Tumor Removal in Neurosurgery
21. Debora Lucarelli – Enhanc3d Genomics: Breaking the Wall to 3D Genomics for Therapeutic Development
22. Alessandro Grillini – Reyedar: Breaking the Wall to Early Detection of Degenerative Diseases
23. Xiao Yang – Ynno Med: Breaking the Wall to Novel Antibiotic Candidates
24. Viktor Matyas – Aignostics: Breaking the Wall to Precision Diagnostics in Health Care
25. Shmulik Hess – Tabby Therapeutics: Breaking the Wall to B Cells as Evolving Therapeutics


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