TAL Education Group

Joy Chen

Future Learning

Jury: Digital Education

Joy is currently based in Silicon Valley, where she supports TAL Education Group in its overseas M/A and investments, business development, strategic partnership development etc as TAL’s US Chief Investment Officer. Joy is also a limited partner at Blue Elephant Capital and EdBeta fund, two leading early-stage VCs in China’s education industry.

Joy Chen received her master’s degree from the Indiana University School of Education. She was among the first group of people doing research in online education around the end of last century. Joy is also a Stanford Business School alumnus. She attended Stanford Executive Program of year 2015.

Before Joy was the founder and advisor for FirstLeap Future Leaders Institute, which got acquired by TAL in 2015.  She has also worked for consulting company Ernst & Young, and Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Verizon.

Joy is also an author. She has published three books and is a columnist for three magazines. Her writing focuses on parenting and education.