The chair of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University, Abraham (Avi) Loeb will present his latest research prior to its official publication. Loeb will speak about the first evidence for an extraterrestrial technology that may have just passed by the earth a year ago. Speaking at the Falling Walls Conference on 9 November – the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall – he will present the results of his study publicly for the first time.

The paper, which will be published on 12 November in “The Astrophysical Journal Letters”, presents Loeb’s findings which indicate why the object Oumuamua, which was first spotted a year ago, could be an extraterrestrial technology.

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Further outstanding talks at the Falling Walls Conference

  • The dramatic “loss of Biodiversity” or “sixth mass extinctions” is another topic on the agenda of Falling Walls. Gerardo Ceballos (UNAM) is a major figure in global conservation science. He warns of the alarming scope of the accelerating sixth mass extinction. Livestream: 9 November, time: 2:00pm, link:
  • Coral Reef Ecology: Terry Hughes’ (Australian Research Council, James Cook University) research focuses on the linkages between the ecology of reefs and their importance for societies and economies. His message: we have to prevent further coral reef bleaching from happening to stop irreversible consequences. Livestream: 9 November, time: 5:30pm, link:
  • Veena Sahajwalla (UNSW Australia) is working on a revolution in recycling that has the potential to unlock the valuable resources in complex and toxic waste found in landfills. Livestream: 9 November, time: 11:20am, link:



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You can find a list of all world class researchers speaking at Falling Walls this year at Every year on the anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, 9 November, the Falling Walls Conference invites outstanding international researchers that work on breakthroughs in their respective fields. Hence, the motto of the conference is “Which are the next walls to fall?” The conference will be opened by four events: Falling Walls Lab (100 early career researchers that qualified in 80 contests world wide), Falling Walls Venture (research-based start-ups), Falling Walls Circle (research strategies) and – for the first time this year – Falling Walls Engage (science communication). The Falling Walls Conference is part of Berlin Science Week with over 100 events taking place from 1–10 November in Berlin.

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