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Our project focuses on inspiring people into science and technology through astronomy. We take our 12 inch computerised telescope and 8meter portable planetarium to schools and public places in an effort to inspire, engage and empower the next generation of African scientists. We invite kids for a lesson under the stars with a chance to look through our telescope as we give them a guided tour of the night sky. In addition we also give them an immersive experience in our digital planetarium.

Susan Murabana Owen

The Travelling Telescope

Susan Murabana Owen is the CEO of The Travelling Telescope, a social enterprise dedicated to promoting astronomy through education and astrotourism. She is also the president of African Planetarium Association and the United Nations Space4Women mentor 2020/2021. Susan thinks that every child should have a chance to look through the telescope and experience a lesson outside under the stars at least once in a lifetime.

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