The Tactile Universe

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The Tactile Universe

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The Tactile Universe is an outreach project at the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation. We are developing accessible teaching resources and workshops to make current topics in astrophysics, traditionally a visual science, accessible to young people with vision impairments. By running training workshops for science communicators across the UK and making our resources available online for free, we have ensured that our work can benefit students around the country.

Nicolas Bonne

Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth

I am a vision impaired astronomer and science communicator at the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation. I lead the Tactile Universe public engagement project, which is developing free 3D printable resources to help vision impaired people (particularly students) engage with current topics in astronomy research. I also work as consultant and adviser with groups both nationally and internationally to develop methods of communicating their science in more accessible ways.

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