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2021 Winner | Venture 2021 2021 Winner Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

The last decade was of Plant Revolution 1.0 with US$20Bn investments and multiple successes like Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Just and Oatly. But our world is in a race against time. By 2050 we will have 10Bn mouths to feed, with 4X more diseases and 2° climate change. So, we also need to focus on Consumer Health, Planetary Health and Disruption at Scale by overcoming the FMCG Industry barriers of extensive capital & time.

So, at Live Green, we are analyzing the 450k plants & 10Mn compounds that nature offers, and building our AI Software named Charaka to disrupt the way the world eats. Charaka blends Ancestral Wisdoms of Plant Nutrition with Biotech & Ai-ML to replace all the animal, synthetic and highly-processed ingredients in our food products with 100% natural, functional & sustainable plant alternatives… at 10X R&D speed & savings.

Welcome to the Plant Revolution 2.0 – everything Nestle reimagined at scale, using cutting-edge tech.

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