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Edward Kang


We make science joyful by seamlessly connecting literature, history, art and popular culture. Students explore chemistry through Harry Potter, engineering through Greek Mythology, anatomy and physics through zombies, and forensic toxicology through Romeo and Juliet. We work with students as young as 3 years old to begin developing identities as capable scientists by participating in creative workshops to bring their favourite books to life using science. Programmes connect with students largely underrepresented in the sciences, including: girls, students with learning disabilities, and students from high-poverty, low-income neighbourhoods often characterized by violence. “Science as Beloved as Stories” reinvents how science is taught, and uses science to teach creativity. We use what we learn to help teachers bring these ideas back to classrooms.


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Edward Kang, Co-Founder, The Laboratory Collective

After receiving his doctorate in Molecular Neuroscience from Northwestern University in Chicago, Dr. Edward Kang noticed that the sciences were not the career path of choice for many. With this in mind, he switched gears to understand student motivation and see whether he could catch students early enough to keep science alive in their minds and hearts. Ed left the University to teach at a high poverty/low-income urban high school. While teaching, Ed achieved one of the highest levels of teaching excellence through National Board Certification. To further engage students, Ed co-founded an incubator to disrupt traditional science and math education and to engage all learners in STEM, letting them experience how math and science are tools of creativity. He was the keynote speaker at the (STEAM)2 conference, and he has been recognized as a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards Fellow. Edward Kang lives in Chicago, USA with his wife, son, and dog Bruno.

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