Prof. Dr. Dr.  Vania G.  Zuin Zeidler

Leuphana University

Vania G. Zuin Zeidler

2022 2022 Jury | Lab Jury Lab Jury Emerging Talents (Falling Walls Lab)

Dr. Dr. Zuin Zeidler is a professor on Sustainable Chemistry of Renewable Organic Resources at the Institute of Sustainable Chemistry (INSC), Leuphana University Lüneburg (Germany). Her background is Green and Sustainable Analytical Chemistry and Green and Sustainable Chemistry Education, with major interests in developing analytical methods that are incipient to determine renewable high-value substances extracted from agro-industrial residues, focusing on sustainable separation science. She was also the Founding Director of the Field & Food Tech Hub – UFSCar, a multi-sector platform that promotes healthy and ethical living through green and sustainable products and processes at Federal University of São Carlos, São Paulo State, Brazil. Prof. Zuin Zeidler has established a well-structured network between industries, governmental and non-governmental sectors to improve research
and application of Green and Sustainable Chemistry knowledge globally (e.g.,
IUPAC, ISC3, UN including UNESCO, UNIDO, UNEP) . She is author of many
publications of high impact in the areas of her expertise (as Science, Cell,
Nature Reviews Materials, Nature Reviews Chemistry), and has been invited to
give several lectures in the academic and industrial sectors. As a
participant of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation research network
started in 2005, she was elected president of the Club Humboldt in Brazil in
2015, being its permanent honorary counselor. Recent distinctions include
the 52o and 57o Brazilian Literary Jabuti Awards, the title of Honorary
Visiting Fellow at the University of York (UK), the IUPAC 2014 CHEMRAWN VII
Prize for Atmospheric and Green Chemistry, the title of Fellow of the Royal
Society of Chemistry (FRSC) in 2015, the ACS-CEI Award for Incorporating
Sustainability into Chemistry Education, sponsored by the ACS in 2017 and
Fellow of the Robert Bosch Foundation and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
at Leuphana (2020 and 2021). She is also a visiting professor at the Green
Chemistry Centre of Excellence (University of York, UK). Having vast
international experience, Prof. Zuin Zeidler works hard to advance diversity
and inclusion in Science, also in emerging economies and regions under
economic and political constraints.

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