Offgrid Energy Labs

Venture Winner 2020 2020 Winner Science Start-ups (Falling Walls Venture)

Offgrid is a deep-tech energy storage company founded by PhDs out of IIT Kanpur – India, building novel, sustainable batteries for stationary & mobility markets. Offgrid has 15+ IPs and our key innovation is in 3 areas: Chemistry, Materials and Design of the battery. An interesting fact about Offgrid’s battery is that it uses commonly available materials that are 100% sustainable & non-toxic. The first product, ZincGel® Redox battery, delivers performance similar to lithium-ion, at one-third the cost and is focused on the stationary market like utilities, renewables and telecom energy storage. The second product, ZincGel® Ion battery targets low power, lead-acid battery operated electric vehicles, offering: 2x range, 3x life, 5x faster charging and better safety at the same cost. Offgrid has partnered with leading companies in utility, telecom and mobility to validate and deploy its products, globally.